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Ma Yoga

Ma Yoga is an integrated prenatal yoga practice that provides a space for a developing mother to connect with her baby deeply and intuitively as she prepares mentally and physically for birth and beyond.

Supportive breath work and vocal exercises provide tools that can help women cope with the intensity of labor and childbirth. A balanced spectrum of warm-ups, breathing and asanas, specially selected and adapted for pregnancy are included in each session to assist with discomforts and introduce positions and movements that support the physiology of birth.

Cultivating moment-to-moment awareness can create a foundation for this exciting and challenging transformation in life.

Private Sessions


In-person and virtual private yoga classes are available in open, prenatal or postpartum settings for individuals, couples and groups.

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Prenatal and Post-Partum Yoga FAQs

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How does prenatal yoga class differ from open yoga?  

In prenatal yoga, the asanas are all adapted for the changing pregnant body, and modifications can be made according to experience as well. A prenatal session addresses ways to prepare for birth as well as orientation towards motherhood.

When should I start?

I believe that yoga practice should be modified when you find out you are pregnant. Without proper modification and awareness, certain postures and practices can be dangerous, and the body heat should not be significantly raised. If you feel well during the first trimester, you may begin a responsible prenatal practice. Many people start prenatal yoga after first trimester exhaustion and nausea are over. If you choose to remain in an open class setting, then it is important to find out how to modify your practice. Getting instruction from an experienced teacher can provide guidance.

Can I practice prenatal yoga without any previous yoga experience?

Yes. Many women start yoga when they are pregnant and continue after. Be sure that you have your physician's or midwife's approval if there are any medical considerations.


How does yoga help me prepare for birth?

The practice of yoga helps to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness of the breath. The establishment of this practice helps to prepare for dealing with the intense sensations and discomforts of birthing. Ma Yoga instruction includes practices to prepare for birth by meeting challenges and practicing surrender. The physical asanas are chosen to build strength and open the pelvis. Relaxation, restorative poses, and inner listening are also cultivated in the practice.

When can I start yoga postpartum?

It is recommended that you wait until 6 weeks postpartum.

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