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Doula Services


My intention as a doula is to help you find your own way with birth and to help midwife the family into being. In our process together, I will provide resources and practices to make empowered choices. As needed, I can contribute my skills as a massage therapist and integrate aspects of yoga and meditation. As a Registered Nurse, I understand medical environments and language, and a someone who gave birth at home, I understand the desire for an intimate calm experience.

We start with a meet and greet to see if we all feel comfortable about working together.  About a month before your due date, we will have a more extensive prenatal visit (or 2 visits) to talk about your visions of the birth and begin to understand the depths of your resources.


At the birth, I will be there to serve your needs in the moment and offer emotional support, and create an environment of safety so that your birth can unfold with awareness and alignment with your nature. I will stay with you for a couple of hours after the birth to help with breastfeeding.  At a postpartum visit, I will come to admire your baby and help you process your birth experience as well as help with breastfeeding and postpartum issues.


After attending over 310 births in hospital settings, birth centers, and homes, I have seen the unique ways women access their own powers on the journey toward motherhood. Each birth leaves me in awe.

Currently, Birth Doula services are offered virtually, or in person with CoVid-19 negative clients.

Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education

For many years, Mia has been educating women about their choices in birth through her prenatal yoga classes and workshops. After the intense course of study in nursing, as well as childbirth education, she has assembled a preparation for birth course with the foundation of understanding physiological birth. The physicality and breath work of yoga as well as hands on techniques from massage therapy and included.


Topics included:

  • Anatomy and physiology of late pregnancy and birth  

  • How to prepare for optimal fetal positioning

  • Childbirth choices

  • Toolbox for labor including many choices to help you find you own way with confidence and consciousness

  • Newborn care and breastfeeding.


Couple privates available by appointment. 

Contact Mia


Massage Therapy

Mia Borgatta's experienced hands and attentive heart bring you:

  • Gourmet massages, Deep Swedish with Shiatsu, Therapeutic, and Cranio-Sacral detailed work.

  • Special prenatal massages to address discomforts of pregnancy, and prepare the body for birth.

  • Postpartum massage to restore the body after birth (hospital visits possible).


  • She also teaches Infant Massage to expecting  parents and newborns.

Rates vary according to location.

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