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Lactation Care


Mia Borgatta, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), RN, LMT, CD, LCCE, RYT

Mia is currently offering home visits for lactation support. Virtual visits also available.


Mia offers compassionate and evidence-based care to families with lactation challenges. She has been involved with families in the NY area for over 25 years, providing prenatal childbirth education, childbirth and postpartum care as a doula, prenatal and postnatal yoga instruction, and massage therapy as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Holistic Nursing and includes thorough assessment and complementary modalities as resources to help parents cultivate a nourishing relationship and confident healthy feeding with their infant or toddler.

Conditions we may address are:

  • Milk supply questions and concerns

  • Nipple pain/damage

  • Positioning and latch assistance

  • Infant suck training

  • Weight gain questions and concerns

  • Oversupply

  • Blocked ducts/ mastitis

  • Baby fussy during feedings

  • Pumping and storage of milk

  • Tongue-tie, torticollis, and other issues

  • Twins and multiples

  • Food sensitivities and intolerances

  • Baby-led weaning

Preparing for breastfeeding prenatally can help provide a foundation for initiating breastfeeding. A virtual private session of lactation education may be arranged. 


All fees must be paid when the service is rendered. Cash, check and Venmo are accepted. A superbill will be provided to be submitted for possible insurance reimbursement. While reimbursement is mandated for most plans under the Affordable Care Act, we cannot guarantee outcome and will not submit an appeal. Contact your insurance provider in advance to check your plan’s reimbursement policy for out of network lactation consultants.



Mia Borgatta, IBCLC is partnered with The Lactation Network (TLN), who cover lactation services under:

Blue Cross PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Anthem PPO

All PNOA plans (Aetna or UHC, if the card includes the PNOA logo)

Multiplan: AETNA, UNITED HEALTHCARE, BCBS (if the card includes the Multiplan logo)

UNITED HEALTHCARE (Commercial plans in 49 states)

To check your eligibility, and work with Mia Borgatta, IBCLC please fill out this form

Prices can be found on the Resources page.



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