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Doula Testimonials


Mia Borgatta saw me through my two pregnancies AND births! I was so lucky to have had Mia's guidance throughout. She held my hand in a compassionate and present way through each stage. The support of the yoga classes and tailored instruction to my specific conditions was invaluable to my pre- and postpartum experience as well as the process of labor itself. I was lucky to have natural vaginal births each time and I owe this good fortune to Mia and the preparative support she gave me in every way, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It felt like the support Mia gave to us was like plugging into some timeless wisdom garnered from her tiered experience, not only from the many births she has aided in the past few decades but also she has a gift that transcends this and she can tap into the ancient wisdom of the goddess and the cultures that birthed in a sacred and powerful way. This fearless conquering spirit ruled both my pregnancies and i am happy to say gave us these two little guys now who have enriched our lives no end. Thank-you Mia! 

-- Sarah T


My baby girl and I will always be grateful to Mia Borgatta. Thanks to her, I was able to avoid a C-section and successfully go through a very difficult 30-hour labor, while having to deal with an insensitive doctor. When facing huge pain, stress and unknown, having such a great physical, emotional and spiritual support was a miracle for me. Mia is not only a lovely and warm person, but also a gifted doula who brings a spiritual perspective of childbirth along with great massage techniques that are so helpful in labor. With an extensive experience as a doula and childbirth educator, she is also very knowledgeable in all aspects of childbirth, medical procedures and medication. She was able to provide me guidance and advice when I had to make important medical decisions. Thank you so much, Mia

-- Patricia F


Mia was the most wonderful doula I could ever have dreamed of for my daughter's birth. She made me feel comfortable and taken care of every step of the way. She was the only person that I didn't find irritating during the hard labour and whom I wanted the be in the room with me at all times (and she was). Mia has a calming energy about her and her knowledge on birth and pregnancy is so colossal that the anxiety that I had around the upcoming birth just dissipated. She supported me physically and spiritually during my contractions and believed in me. She let me find the strength within that kept me going through the transitional phase with meaning and love for my baby which empowered me greatly.


My quick natural birth would have been very different if not for her, I'm sure. I believe how you choose to give birth and your birth experience will impact your mind, emotions, spirit, your child and the way you will parent him/her. I feel blessed for the birth I had and grateful that Mia was by my side.

-- Diana

Mia Borgatta is an incredibly gifted and caring birth educator, doula, perinatal yoga instructor and massage therapist.  She was my doula and helped bring my first child into this world.  I am so so thankful to have had Mia's support and guidance throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery and now in my postpartum early days of motherhood.  I attended Mia's yoga classes weekly throughout my pregnancy and I now attend her baby and me classes with my son.  In these classes, Mia not only provides her students with an excellent and thoughtful workout and stretch, she also fosters a sense of community which is invaluable especially in the early days of parenthood when many of us are living far from our families and traditional systems of support.  Some of my closest friendships started in her studio, and I have Mia to thank for this.  Thank you, Mia.  You’ve strengthened and empowered and improved the lives of so many women and families.  Thank you!


Yoga Testimonials

Mia Borgatta's grounded presence, focused approach and experienced wisdom are valuable assets to aspiring pre-natal yoga instructors. As a Director of a yoga studio I come across many pre-natal yoga instructors.   Having studied with Mia in her Ma Yoga Teacher Training I can affirm that Mia is a gift to both expectant months and those seeking to teach Ma Yoga. Mia Borgatta is a gift to women and a teacher of teachers!

-- Emily Conradson, Om Factory

"I practiced prenatal yoga with Mia throughout the second half of my pregnancy. Her classes taught me to open inward to the physical-emotional-spiritual growth of my baby, to slow down and soften my practice, and to have a sense of humor about my body after many years of a regular ashtanga-style yoga practice. She nurtured each student individually and also the group of us as a whole. It was exciting to participate in her prenatal teacher training after the birth of my son, and to expand into the role of teaching prenatal yoga. Mia is a gifted teacher who is very practical and down-to-earth in passing along her knowledge and experience to moms and moms-to-be."

-- Danielle L'Heureux


"Mia Borgatta's Ma Yoga training teaches that women's pregnant bodies are strong.  In addition to yoga postures and breathing, she incorporates practical exercises that expectant moms can do to prepare for labor and delivery.  Undoubtedly Mia's years of experiences as a doula and yoga teacher make her training more encompassing than most."

-- Bess Abrahams

“Mia is one of, if not the, most sought out and respected prenatal yoga gurus in New York City. Her authenticity and vast knowledge as a prenatal yoga teacher and doula is unsurpassed. after completing my prenatal training and apprenticeship with mia i immediately hired her to certify teachers in training who were studying with me in prenatal yoga. I am grateful to have her as my teacher.”

-- Jennifer Kohl

Director, Lotus Yoga - Montclair, NJ

I am lucky enough to have been blessed with the good fortune of discovering Mia when I was pregnant with my first child, Ivy. Mia’s classes were a retreat for me during pregnancy and helped me develop a more open relationship with my body and trust my intuition as a woman, giving me the confidence to dig deep to find answers within myself in regards to my pregnancy and the birth of my child and the rebirth of myself as a mother. Her postpartum classes greatly influenced both me and my daughter and the depth of the bond we still share. It was Mia who encouraged me to pursue my own path as a yoga teacher which eventually led to me revisiting my first teacher to complete her prenatal yoga teacher training. Mia’s depth of experience with and knowledge about pregnancy, babies, women, yoga and life in general makes her the best prenatal teacher in New York and possibly the world.

-- Brylee Plyshevsky, Aroha Yoga

I had never really done yoga before, but when I got pregnant and was quite scared of giving birth, I joined Mia's prenatal class. She prepared my body and, not least, my soul for the birth, and I really do believe that the delivery wouldn't have been as good had I not gone to Mia. I thank her for her support, integrity, presence and knowledge. You are worth your weight in gold - more than that, actually, because you're not heavy enough!

-- Laura

Childbirth Education Testimonials

When my baby boy was born, it was the most awesome and wonderful moment of my and my husband's life. And part of what made it such a beautiful experience was the birthing preparation we did with Mia. From major things like how we could work together to cope with the intensity of childbirth to little things like bringing olive oil to the hospital for changing the baby's diaper, Mia's birthing preparation class was filled with practical tools that allowed us to fully focus on the experience. She also created a warm and open atmosphere during the birthing prep classes so we could bond with the other parents-to-be. And the last amazing thing I'll write about (there are so many!) is that I was able to take Prenatal Yoga classes with Mia throughout my pregnancy so the relaxation and coping techniques were rooted in my body for easy access during labor. Thank you, Mia!           

-- Liz

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