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About Ma

Holistic Offerings

Ma Yoga & Lactation is a versatile, holistic set of offerings provided by Mia Borgatta, RN. 

Mia offers caring and constructive Virtual and In-Home Lactation Consults, as well as Personalized Yoga Sessions in Prenatal, Postpartum, Couples and Open Level Practice.

She also provides Labor Doula ServicesChildbirth Education and Therapeutic Massage.

About Mia

About Mia

MIA BORGATTA, RN, the founder and director of the Ma Yoga & Lactation program, was born in New York City. Mia both attended her first birth as a doula and received her Yoga Certification in 1989.  The merging of these two disciplines has resulted in the Ma Yoga prenatal technique - an invigorating and empowering practice that includes instinctive positioning and movement in preparation for birth.

As a doula, she has been present for the wonder and magic of over 310 births and applies the depth of these experiences to her teaching and consulting.  

Mia completed a BSN in Holistic Nursing that brings together her extensive experience with holistic modalities and the field of nursing.

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, she offers virtual in in-person sessions that help to build and heal the nourishing relationship between mothers and their babies.

Mia has taught yoga since 1990 and prenatal yoga since 1994.  She has taught at various centers, including Jivamukti and dance festivals


She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and practices deep therapeutic massage.

Mia is a mother to spirited and inspiring Jaya who was born at home in 1994 and brings great joy to her life.  She thanks all of her teachers, especially Genny Kapuler, Zjenja la Rosa, Robert Moses (Shankarananda), Alison West, and Eden Fromberg who have deeply enriched her life and have influenced her work.


Ma Yoga

Manhattan, Brooklyn and Beyond

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